Who knew that the retired buckskin mare that had shared the majority of her life with owner Walt Taylor as an all around ranch horse would become a celebrity of sort on a grassy hill that overlooked state highways 108/120 between Oakdale & Knights Ferry. Cricket as the mare was named, stood as a symbol for many people that made daily trips from the foothills into Oakdale, Modesto or the Bay Area. Her fan base touched people as …far away as North Carolina and Washington D.C. Walt had no idea that the mare, that had been part of his family for 36 years, was forming a bond with the passengers in those cars that whizzed by every day until the local newspapers did a story on her passing in 1993. Fan mail poured into the Taylor Family where they read heartfelt letters saying others also, were mourning her loss and offering comfort to the family. “In spite of the trials and tribulations of this life, when I drove by Cricket, she gentled my soul. God rest her,” wrote one fan.

In 1993, Cricket passed away and was buried near “her” spot where she enjoyed standing, now called Lonely Horse Hill. In memory of the recent passing of local rancher Walt Taylor, and his beloved mare Cricket, The Cowboy Museum is honored to open our exhibit “Remembering Cricket” on Thursday evening July 22, from 5:00pm-7pm. We invite you stop by and share your fond memories of Cricket and meet members of the Taylor Family.

Because the old buckskin mare touched so many people the memory of Cricket lives on with a Facebook Fan page:http://www.facebook.com/CricketTheHorse . Now with over 500 Fans, people from all over the world leave wall posts and messages for Cricket and Walt.